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This software was created for fun, but it can be useful for someone :-P


This is a code highlighter that use Vim for transform the code. Also, almost all color schemes of Vim have been transformed to CSS.


This is a plugin for Vim that help to interact with an Interactive Interpreter (shell, Python, Ruby irb, clisp, sbcl, mzcheme, etc., etc.). It let you use Vim like a front end for send “commands” to the interpreter, but with and history and with the features of Vim at your disposition.

It works on Linux and in any operative system that run GNU Screen (*BSD). I don’t know if it works on Windows, but in theory it can work with CygWin and the corresponding GNU Screen port.

My .vimrc file:

let color = "true"
set autoindent smartindent
set backspace=indent,eol,start
set encoding=utf-8
set expandtab
set incsearch
set hlsearch
"set mouse=a
set nocompatible
set nobackup
set noswapfile
set shiftwidth=4
set softtabstop=4
set ruler
set tabstop=4
set t_Co=256
set ttymouse=xterm
set writebackup

let g:tex_flavor = "tex" "Si no a veces coje plaintex u otro.

filetype on
filetype indent on
filetype plugin on
:set ff=unix

" Paths para plugins
call pathogen#infect()

set laststatus=2
set statusline=%F%m%r%h%w\ [SYN=%Y]\ [HEX=\%02.2B]\ [POS=%06l,04v][%03p%]\ [LEN=%L]
" omnifunc
autocmd Filetype *
\ if &omnifunc == "" |
\ setlocal omnifunc=syntaxcomplete#Complete |
\ endif
" syntaxs
autocmd Bufread *.pddl set filetype=clojure
autocmd Bufread *.lsp set filetype=newlisp
autocmd FileType clojure let t:vicle_edition_mode = 1 | let t:vicle_history_active = 0 | let t:vicle_selection_string = "v%y" | let t:vicle_screen_sn = "clojure" | let t:vicle_screen_wn = 0 | let vimclojure#HighlightBuiltins =1 | let vimclojure#ParenRainbow =1
"autocmd FileType tex let g:tex_flavor=‘latex’ | set iskeyword+=: | setlocal spell spelllang=en_us | set nospell | colors relaxedgreen | set mouse=a | source ~/.vim/custom/colors.vim
autocmd FileType c set makeprg=gcc\ -o\ %<.a\ % | nmap <F9> :make<CR>

" Setting 2 window variables
" autocmd FileType python let w:alfa = 1 | let w:teta=2

set clipboard=unnamed

vnoremap y "+y<CR>

"imap <C-Insert> <ESC>"+y<CR>
imap <S-Insert> <ESC>"+gP<CR>

" openbsd fixes
map <ESC>[4~ <End>
vmap <ESC>[4~ <End>
imap <ESC>[4~ <End>

" Spell functions
function Spell_Es() :setlocal spell spelllang=es
function Spell_En() :setlocal spell spelllang=en_us
" Git
function Git_Add() :w exec "!git add %" :q
command! -complete=command SpellEs call Spell_Es()
command! -complete=command SpellEn call Spell_En()
"command! -complete=command SpellEs call Mouse()
command! -complete=command GitAdd call Git_Add()

syntax enable
syntax on
let g:solarized_termcolors=256
let g:solarized_degrade = 1
let g:solarized_bold = 1
let g:solarized_underline = 1
let g:solarized_italic = 1
let g:solarized_contrast = "high"
set background=dark
colors solarized
source ~/.vim/custom/colors.vim

My .Xdefaults:

XTerm*Foreground: gray
XTerm*Background: black*/

/*XTerm*faceName: Consolas*/
XTerm*faceName: Consolas-13
XTerm*faceSize: 14
XTerm*scrollBar: false
XTerm*loginShell: true
XTerm*geometry: 80×30
XTerm*saveLines: 10000
XTerm*locale: UTF-8
XTerm*utf8: 2

UXTerm*Foreground: gray
UXTerm*Background: black*/
/*UXTerm*faceName: Consolas*/
UXTerm*faceName: Consolas-13
UXTerm*faceSize: 14
UXTerm*scrollBar: false
UXTerm*loginShell: true
UXTerm*geometry: 80×30
UXTerm*saveLines: 10000
UXTerm*locale: UTF-8
UXTerm*utf8: 2